Remote Simultaneous Interpretation

With Remote Simultaneous Interpretation (RSI), interpreters work remotely, at a different location from the speaker, so that participants can be present: (a) entirely online, (b) partly online and partly in person, or (c) entirely in person.

RSI can also have significant benefits for meetings where participants are on-site as it saves on interpreter travel and reduces the carbon footprint of your event. Plus, it means you can always have the same interpreters wherever you are.

AMI offers several solutions for how participants can actually listen to the translation, including web applications for smartphones, which can be customised with your logo, or even traditional receivers. Ask us for advice or even a demo.


For all events where human contact and the thrill of being together is essential, AMI can help with soundproof mobile booths, high fidelity audio, video systems and traditional infrared receivers, as well as other lighter options such as guided tour technologies (where booths are not required). We can help you find the solution that suits you best, whether it is a large corporate meeting or a small group event, perhaps a course of some kind.


Technology is changing the world, and translation is no different. At AMI, our translation teams have long been at the forefront of innovation, using the latest tools to improve efficiency and accuracy. For example, it is essential to ensure consistency and coherence within a text, especially a long one, and between texts in the same project. Our translators are professionals with extensive experience of working in teams on long projects, using CAT tools and shared terminology databases to produce an optimal end result. They are also exploring ways of incorporating artificial intelligence into more streamlined working processes and, in particular, research methods.

In recent years, AMI has also responded to the growing demand for subtitles for products such as corporate videos and tutorials—after all, the world is becoming increasingly visual. In this area, our translators use specialist software and are happy to liaise with your technical staff to provide you with a subtitle file in the format you require.

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